Uptime and Downtime FAQ

What is Uptime and Downtime?

Uptime is a computer technology term for the time period that a server is accessible and online. If a website server is offline and not accessible it is considered downtime. Uptime is generally measured in percentile. A server with an uptime of 100% means that the web server has been online with no outages.

What is IsMySiteDown.com?

IsMyWebsiteDown.com helps you find whether the website you are trying to visit is down for everyone or if it’s just your connection. Our free website checker will tell you if the website is down just for you or everyone around the world. Simply type in the website address you want to check and hit enter.  Our free tool will then check if the website is down or if it’s just your connection.

Do you recommend any Web Hosting companies?

We actively do our best to monitor the best web hosts in terms of uptime.  Check out our Top 5 Web Hosts page where you can review and compare the best hosts.